Pfraux’sti the Crimson Snowman

Frosty the Snowman is a classic winter/Christmas tradition that has been around since 1950. It’s a story of winter wonder and magic. Pure innocence. Or is it?

Everyone is familiar with the old song about a snowman who, when a magic hat lands on top of him, comes to life and befriends the children of the town. Something that bothered me was the fact of how nonchalant the people of the town are about a snow golem coming to life. Where did that magical hat come from? Why is nobody freaking out? Take some of the lyrics out of context and they can sound sinister. With Halloween past us and the winter holidays approaching, let’s turn this tradition into a sinister one. Introducing Pfraux’sti (still pronounced as Frosty) the Crimson Snowman. Continue reading


In the Face of Fate

In the Face of Fate

Originally Written 11/02/2016

There comes a time in a man’s life where he has to make a choice. To decide where his path will take him. To grab life. To spit fate in the face and create their own destiny.

It’s amazing how often this is not the case, however. Where fate is just accepted as the norm and mediocrity is the path of least resistance.

“I’m not good enough.”

“This is just who I am.”

“I will never amount to anything except for what I have.”

Depressive narrative and banal thoughts slog through the mind like swimming through thick molasses. A dream becomes a fictitious fantasy, permeating the soul with doubt.  Acceptance of failure.

Today, I spit in fate’s face.

Today, I decide to live.

Let’s Talk Sports

Last night was a pretty big sports event: Super Bowl LI. I was pretty excited about it. The Falcons were in their first Super Bowl since Super Bowl XXXIII (almost 20 years), and their second appearance overall. Finally! My home state’s team was going to destroy the Patriots! The hashtag “RiseUp” filled my Facebook feed. I made a conscious effort to watch and care about this game. For the first half, the Falcons had indeed risen up.  21-3 at halftime.

And then… everything went wrong. The Patriots started gaining ground. Injuries plagued the Falcons. Before we knew it the Patriots tied it up and forced the first ever overtime in Super Bowl history. They won the coin toss, and the game was over before you could say “rise up”.

What happened? The Falcons were David and the Patriots were Goliath. Goliath isn’t supposed to win!

The Falcons played a great game. Much better than Super Bowl XXXIII when they lost 34-19 to the Broncos (another team I despise, but that’s another issue). I remember watching that game when I was 12. It was painful to watch. But this loss hurt so much more, not because of who they lost to, but how they lost to them. The Patriots are a fantastic team. One of, if not the, best teams in the league. They have the rings to prove it. Having the Patriots as their opponent would not prove to be an easy win and it showed. It was the fact that the Falcons had the game in their hands for so long and then gave up 25 unanswered points in the 3rd and 4th quarters. At least in Super Bowl XXXIII the Falcons just failed to perform the entire game. There was still hope in Super Bowl LI.

I hate to say it, but the Patriots deserve this win. The Falcons gave it their all but it just wasn’t enough. They got cocky and it blew up in their faces. They might not be the Grand Champions, but they’re still the NFC Champions. Hold your heads high Falcons and fans. You held your own against the best team in the league. You forced them to make 2 2-point conversions and overtime. You made them actually play a game. It wasn’t a shut-out or a massacre.

That is something to be proud of… RISE UP!

Writing Prompts

For Christmas, my in-laws bought me a book called “1,000 Awsome Writing Prompts” by Ryan Andrew Kinder. I’ve browsed through it and determined, yeah, this is pretty frickin’ neato. It’s filled with tons of ideas that I would have never thought of before. So, as practice, I’m going to attempt to do as many of these prompts as possible.

This should make a decent subject to fill this blog with, considering I haven’t used it in quite some time. I’ve let my creative side slack for too long. I need a mental whetstone to resharpen my skills. I’ll have people on my Facebook choose a random number and I’ll write the prompt associated with that number. This feels like a fun little challenge. I can’t wait to see what comes out of it.

Keep tuned into this blog to get more updates and stories. Also, be sure to check out the book listed above if you need a little writing sharpening.