WP #929

Writing Prompt #929
“I’m you from the future. You’re going to have to let me handle the next ten minutes.”

Sam shook her head. “What did you just say?”

The figure stood with her back towards Sam and repeated, “I’m you from the future. You’re going to have to let me handle the next ten minutes.” Future Sam turned to look at present Sam. Her face had a scar going down her left cheek, her left eye milky white. She wore a leather jacket, ripped jeans, and carried a dual pair of .45s.

P. Sam lifted herself off the ground, holding her arm, “You’re kidding, right? There is no way that you’re me.”

F. Sam gave a very disgruntled sigh, “I don’t have time for this. I need to move if I’m gonna make it on time.”

“In time for what? What are you talking about?” pleaded P. Sam.

F. Sam grabbed her by the arm, “I need you close by, try to keep up.”

P. Sam yelped, “Where are we going?” F. Sam remained quiet, focused on the mission ahead. She knew what must be done.

The two ran down a couple of city blocks. F. Sam was in much better shape than her past counterpart. The sun was beginning to set and F. Sam’s face grew more grimace. Could she make it in time?

They finally stopped outside of a storefront. P. Sam collapsed on the ground to catch her breath. “Where the hell are we?”

F. Sam covered her gun holsters with her jacket and opened the door. A little bell jingled. “Wait here. It’ll all be over soon.”

P. Sam’s heart dropped to her feet. This was getting intense. Was she going to kill someone? Was she going to steal something? She couldn’t bear to even look where they were. The less she knew the better. She curled up into a ball and sat underneath the store window, waiting for her future self to come back.

A few minutes later, F. Sam emerged from the building holding a box, “Come on, let’s go.”

P. Sam got up as the two crossed the street. “Wha-… what’s in the box?” She finally got the courage to look up at the store her future self walked into. “Lester’s Pet Shoppe?”

F. Sam pulled out a little Yorkshire Terrier puppy from the box, “Isn’t she just adorable?”

P. Sam’s face went from terrified to annoyed, “You’re kidding, right?”

F. Sam nuzzled her face against the puppy’s, “I’m thinking, Francine. What do you think?”

“You made it seem like this was an emergency!”

“This was an emergency. Look.” F. Sam pointed to the store.

A woman with a luxurious white fur coat walked into the pet store. It was a snooty and old rival of Sam’s that she disliked intensely. “Harriet?”
“Yup,” F. Sam replied stoically, “She was going to pick this little girl, and just couldn’t let that happen.” She nuzzled Francine again and said in a baby voice, “Isn’t that right? Yes, it is!”

“So wait,” P. Sam held her head in her hand, “you came back into the past so you can buy a puppy and dick with Harriet?”

“Pretty much.” F. Sam handed P. Sam the puppy. “Now she’s yours!”

P. Sam held up the puppy. The puppy reached her face out and licked her on the nose. “Well, she’s cute. And if it’ll make Harriet upset, then I’m all in.” She looked at her future self, “But what’s up with the scar and the eye and the guns?”

“We’ll take care of that later,” said F. Sam as she took out a device that looked similar to an iPhone, “Take care of Francine.” She pushed on the screen and vanished in a flash.

Sam looked back down at the little puppy she just acquired trying to process what just happened. “Guess I have a dog now. Neat.”


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