WP #529

Writing Prompt #529

You’re the antagonist and you finally have the protagonist at your mercy.

Her scarf hung to her side. Blood dripped to the floor as it flowed from her lip. At last, I finally did it! Her persistence was incredible and fighting spirit was unquenchable. I’ve never fought someone so… determined. My advanced tech black armor proved useless against her abilities. I look at my katana. I used up the last of its electrical charge trying to strike her down. She was able to get negate my sword’s electrical field somehow. But that doesn’t matter. She slipped up and I knocked her out with the hilt of my katana.

All I needed was to grab the plans from this building and escape. It’s what I do best. Stealth and theft. I don’t care about what it is I’m getting, just that I’m getting paid good money for it. It was supposed to be a quick in-and-out job. Top floor, CEO office. Then this… “sound bitch” came around. No special armor, weapons, or even a name. Just some girl with a hoodie and headphones.

I am a trained assassin. My armor is built to give me maximum stealth and camouflage. My electric katana is able to cut through just about anything and able to disrupt any electrical systems. In my twenty years of mercenary work, I have never been caught. How did this twenty-something, 5 ft 4 in girl manage to do so?

I grab her by the neck and I pin her against the wall. I bring the katana up to strike through her chest. It might not have a charge left, but it’s still a sword. I can still run her through and end this once and for all!

Just as I’m about to strike, I hear the sound of muffled speech in the other room. Dammit. I can’t have any witnesses. I look at my hooded adversary. She isn’t going anywhere. I’ll finish her later. I want to savor this victory. I stroll over towards the metal briefcase that holds the plans I was hired to collect. I can’t let this out of my sight. My active camo was disabled by hoodie girl, so I peer out of the doors that she blasted open. I see a member the janitorial staff make a break for the exit and an overweight night guard trying to reach his dispatch.

I quickly make my way between him and the door as he turns to make it to the exit. He grabs his taser and hits me in the chest. It does nothing, but I can use it for myself. I grab and break his wrist, forcing him to let go of the taser. I grab it and jam it into my suit’s power socket. It gives me a little bit power back, enough for me to charge my sword and primary suit functions. I detect movement back in the office. Dammit, she’s getting up!

I dash back into the office and swing my katana at her. Once again, she manages to disrupt my senses and I get disoriented and miss. She sends a sound blast at me and I go soaring into the back wall. I should have killed her when I had the chance! She fixes her scarf around her face again and runs out of the office towards the guard.

She outstretches her arm and shouts, “It’s too dangerous here! Get out, NOW!” and blasts the guard back towards the door with her voice. I think she knocked him out by mistake. The briefcase is sitting right beside her. I’m getting too careless. I dash towards her, ready to slice her head clean off her neck. She sees me and claps her hands together, sending me towards a window and nearly shatters it.

“How,” I say, my ears ringing and my head splitting, “how can you be this strong? No one can ever find me. How did you do it? WHO ARE YOU?!”

She walks up to me and removes the scarf over her face and gives me a smile. “I’m Amp, bitch. Nothing escapes my ears.”

She looks like she’s about to make a devastating attack with her voice, so I activate my magnetic arm and pull the briefcase towards me. Once I grab it, I smash the window and jump out. It’s thirty floors up, but my suit has just enough energy to grab a hold of the side of the building and jump off onto a nearby building. I don’t detect her following me. My mission was a success, but I left too many witnesses.

Amp… You better be a light sleeper. I will return for you.


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