New Path Going Forward

It’s been a while. I’ve dropped the ball a bit, but I feel like I can now get started doing something even grander than I have before. I want to continue doing writing prompts, but that is only scratching the surface of what I have planned.

Over the past few months, I’ve been busy writing a new short story (technically it’s a novelette being over 10,000 words, but whatever). What this showed me is that, if I really put my mind to it, I can write something with some actual meat to it. So, my new plan is to write three more 10,000-word stories through the rest of the year. I’m looking to create my own anthology collection and try selling it to a publisher. I have five more story ideas on the back burner. All of which have plans for further development should any of them be picked up.

So, what is this new secret project I’ve been working on? Can’t tell. I might let some people read, but I am not going to release it publicly just yet. I will, however, share with you a picture of the main character.


This is Draig Mondzahn, a Draconic Lycanthrope. He wields a powerful weapon called the Lunar Ignis, a magical flame sword that, like himself, draws power from the moon. The story I wrote delves into his origin story: a slave learning of his heritage and learning to give in to the Night. The artwork you see is done by the amazingly talented Thea Ozaeta. Check out her Home Page or her Tumblr to see her awesome other works. Perhaps even commission a piece of art from her. You won’t be disappointed.

All my stories will be a part of this fantasy world. I look forward to expanding on this world and sharing with you my dream. I will also be reworking my superhero “Amp” story. I feel I can do better, now that I know what I want to do with her. Yes, I made Amp female. I hated the ambiguous nature of the character in the first draft. So, join me as I start this journey. Send me encouragement, as I’ll be fighting to stay motivated with my job being the way it is.

It’s time to #Dream2018!


Going for it!

Well, I’m finally going for it… I wrote and submitted a short story for a Superhero anthology book. It’s with Meerkat Press for their upcoming book, Behind the Mask. 

Behind the Mask: A Superhero Anthology

I’ve spent the past couple of weeks getting this project off the ground and I’m really excited/nervous about what will happen. I will know by November 15 whether or not my story will be published. Stay turned, as I will know more in the upcoming weeks.

What is my story about? I guess you’ll just have to wait and see!

No more reviews 

In trying to find my identity online, I’ve tried to going the safe route and sharing my opinions on new movies. It’s a tried and true method that a lot of people have done. And while I do enjoy sharing my opinions with everybody, that is not what I want this blog to be about. I don’t want to be a critic and the Internet is saturated with critics. I want this blog to be about stories and writing in general. I want it to be my thoughts on what makes a good story and what can be done to improve them, so that I, in turn, can become a better writer. 

So, I’m going to limit my reviews from now on. I had a couple of video game reviews in mind, but I think I’ll just let them go for now. If you really want to hear more reviews then I’ll go back to them. Instead, I’m going to concentrate on improving my series, Deconstructing the Narrative. So stay tuned! 

Deconstructing the Narrative

Deconstructing the Narrative (DTN) is an exercise where I take a movie (usually a bad or badly told one) and break down its story to show what works and what doesn’t. I’ll highlight characters, their interactions with the story, and how they could be improved. I’ll point out bad story structure and what could have been done differently. This is going to be a more nit-picky type of breakdown with a LOT of personal opinions. Why am I doing this? To learn from the mistakes of others and to become a better writer.

I figured what better way to get started than to celebrate the Fourth of July with Independence Day: Resurgence. ID:R is a strange movie that I love and also hate. It showcased everything I wanted in a sequel to one of my all-time favorite movies, but also had some mind-numbing stupid moments and very bad writing.

Come back later as I deconstruct the narrative of: Independence Day: Resurgence. Let’s find out if this movie could have been saved.


Today, I embark on an adventure. An adventure that I hope will benefit not only myself, but others around me. This is only a beginning. This is the beginning of my dream. Today, I drop my restraints.

There will be more to come after the beginning of 2013. Writing is something I want to do for years to come. I want to provide people with entertainment. I have no plan, structure, or idea what will happen, but I want you to join me on my quest. Here are a few things I do what to happen here on the blog:

  • Story updates – This is where I’ll post updates on my stories and maybe some snippets.
  • Character Analysis – I pick a character from a movie, television series, book… and analyse their personality, motivations, etc… in terms of the stories’ universe and not our own.
  • Series Analysis – I analyse a story as a whole (more of a review)

I hope you will indulge me as I try to make this dream a reality.

– Wyldman